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Ignite - Marbalized Shewa Opal in Sterling Silver

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This one of a kind marbalized shewa opal wrapped in Sterling silver with a 24" Sterling silver chain is hand made. Natural and uncut just like mother nature intended.


Opal - One of the most beautiful stones. Opal intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions, be careful with this one as opal is a very karmic stone so what you put out there energy wise will come back to you. Opal is also protective and its fire-like colors inspire creativity and passion. increases self worth and does wonders for confidence and self-esteem. Its also a natural energy amplifier.

Silver - more than just a pretty metal. It brings patience and perseverance and when used with gemstone it amplifies the qualities emitted from your crystals. naturally protective in nature ifs a great reflector of negative energies and reflects back those energies to the sender, Plus it's so shiny you gotta love it!