The fungus is among us!

Functional adaptogenic mushrooms can be the awesome answers to long-term health and planetary harmony. These funguys predate Buddha! When it comes to shrooms, the Shasta merges ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern science to elevate your daily routine naturally. We put your health and wellness at the apex of the mountain we call life (and Shasta)!

Because adaptogenic mushrooms help reduce the negative effects of stress on the body, they, therefore, increase the body’s resistance to physical, biological, and chemical stress. They encourage normal functioning and resistance to stress while protecting the body from the damage caused by stress. The goal of adaptogenic mushrooms is stability in order to achieve recovery and homeostasis in the body. 

Where our mushrooms come from.

We are all familiar with the reality that in order for things to cost less, they are often made outside of the US, and most specifically in South East Asia. Well, in the world of Shasta, our extracts come from where they grow. We happened to find an exquisite stretch of paradise in the mountainous highlands of Tibet and the Tai Bai Mountain region where mushrooms and herbs grow in a clean, safe and pure environment with fair trade practices and ethical treatment of farmers and foragers.


Shasta is not your quality-sacrificing Amazon purveyor.

We don’t believe in warehouse manufacturing for our plant medicine. Because we are passionate about quality over quantity, we only order short batches. This guarantees our customers that their products come fresh. Everything you purchase from Shasta will never sit on a shelf for months on end. 

That shelf life has a lot to do with potency. The longer the powders sit on a shelf, the more their nutrients degrade. Shasta minimizes orders and only supplies short batches to guarantee the freshest in freshness.

How our products are made.

The Shasta products are ethically sourced. We use 100% natural mushroom and botanical extracts. grown in Tibet and the Tai Bai Mountain region. Our organic ceremonial matcha is sourced directly from Japan from a 400 yr old tea family-owned tea farm. Our macas come from the high Andes mountains of Peru. We choose to source these adaptogens and provisions from their native locations. We believe in purchasing plants where they originate, in their original ancient soil, and where they have been used for medicinal and culinary purposes for centuries. The Shasta sources directly from where these plants flourish, without having to adapt to disruptive change in the growth cycle. We prefer these native sources over the less sustainable domestic factories, garages, or labs where purveyors are adapting the ancient practices.

Shasta products are focused on potency so they come in extract form.  All of our adaptogens use a 10:1 ratio, which means they are 10 times stronger and more potent than a regular powder. Besides heightened natural potency, Shasta products therefore only need 1/10 the amount of most other powders.  This respects affordability and keeps with the mantra that “a little bit goes a long way.”

Your cupboard is less crowded and your stash lasts as long as bulk overpriced versions of our competitors. Because less extract is needed for maximized results, you don’t taste the powder and it never clumps. Our extracts are tasteless and therefore don’t change the flavor dynamic. Add to salads! To pasta sauce! Any beverage! Never worry about changing the actual origin taste!

We want this daily ritual to be easy for you.  While you might love mushrooms and their taste, you may love maca and not mind it’s taste, most of the time when we wake up, we want a cup of coffee or tea to taste like a cup of coffee or tea — not a cup of mushroom broth, a mushroom flavored tea or mushroom flavored coffee.