About The Shasta

Here at The Shasta, we promote the democratization of Mother Nature. We believe that the mind, body and spirit benefits from adaptogenic mushrooms, herbs, and botanicals. These earthly delights should be accessible to everyone for maintaining a healthier life.

We don’t need to totally change to feel better. We simply need to enhance and elevate — add a little to what we are already doing.  All Shasta ingredients remain in their raw powder form so you can consume the myriad benefits with your daily coffee, tea, smoothie, or, a simple glass of water.

The earth’s mineral kingdom is full of healing properties growing around the world. In the Sahara, Shasta means “precious water.” In Sanskrit, Shasta translates to mean, "teacher." The Shasta are a Native American tribe located in Northern California. The community lives in the region of Mount Shasta — the second highest peak in the Cascade Mountain range.


Our Founder

Twelve years ago the Shasta founder Jimmy Aston discovered he was “that guy.” You know him, (he might be you) the guy who takes 22 different vitamins and supplements in pill form daily. It wasn’t until an annual check up for Jimmy that the magnitude of taking too many supplements truly hit the fan.

“I filled the whole space on two sides of the page listing all the preventative supplements I was taking. When the doctor saw my list, he looked at me like I was insane. He asked why I was taking all this stuff.

To Jimmy, it was obvious. The supplements were to keep him healthy! To be preventative!

The doctor gave Jimmy a medical and financial wake up call. He was wasting his money on all this willy-nilly, hyper-designated, self-medicating blend of things. Instead, he introduced Jimmy to the world of adaptogens. Natural, herbal preventative supplements that have a ton of benefits and relieve stress -- all in one plant. This supplement paradigm shift produced real results and Jimmy sought a smarter, less is more hack for his personal health.

Using his nearly twenty years working in  marketing and branding, Jimmy has built personal, meaningful relationships with his source vendors, manufacturers and distributors. From these special relationships, he learned that high quality is not a reason to be expensive. 

You don't have to be wealthy to be healthy. The research and dedicated time Jimmy took deep-diving into the world of adaptogens revealed that high quality products are equivalent to if not better than what's most popular — only at a fraction of the cost. Slick, hip packaging should never be the reason something costs 5 times more. 

“What we set out to do with Shasta is raise a fist in defiance to those companies charging an arm and a leg for something that doesn't have to cost that much,” says Jimmy.  “One of the biggest myths in the health and wellness world is that you need to have a disposable income to have a healthy lifestyle. Companies can take advantage of people wanting to be healthy and wanting to better their lives by raising prices.”