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Elite Shungite Nanopowder

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Instantly charge your beverage with the power of C-60 fullerenes.


Originating from Karelia Russia Our enriched shungite nanopowder is a very unique supplement. Crystals and stones have been tapping into non woo woo wellness folk for a while now. SHUNGITE, a 99% carbon-rich stone is a powerful introduction to how minerals can elevate the mind, body and soul.

The Shasta’s elite shungite nanopowder has been processed to assist in the removal of all harmful metals and elements leaving behind natural fullerene-carbon and more than 40 micro and macronutrients.

What are the uses of shungite nanopowder?

Shungite nanopowder can be used to purify, restructure and energize water. Our shungite is also safe for pets and plants too.

A recent study showed that watering your plants with shungite nanopowder-infused water increased the size of the fruit/vegetables and increased the overall health of the plant, on average, 40%.

Is Shungite Nanopowder safe to ingest?

Yes! Due to the special nanotech process, all harmful substances have been removed and replaced with 40 vital micro and macronutrients.

More interesting facts

Did you know that Shungite contains C-60 carbon? This wonderful carbon molecule goes by the name of fullerene carbon which is a vital building block for all life on earth. This is why people, plants, and pets respond so well to it.

How do I use Shungite Nanopowder?

We recommend adding our enriched shungite nanopowder to water, juice, tea, coffee or your favorite beverage to supercharge it. Just add a pinch (1/4 tip of the provided spoon) to any beverage to benefit. Or empty the whole pouch in a 1 gallon or more refillable water dispenser. Let the powder settle to the bottom, don't wash it out just refill the container, and it'll supercharge your water for an ENTIRE MONTH!



*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If taking medication please consult a physician before taking any vitamin or herbal supplements.