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Red Maca Extract Powder

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Red Maca, also known as the feminine maca, may help support hormonal balance.*


Maca is a highly nutritious and flavorful plant root. These lovely little ground dwellers are loaded with antioxidants. Maca also contains a number of plant compounds, including glucosinolates and polyphenols.

Red Maca is both rare and sacred — more so than yellow maca. It represents the internal, feminine energy that is said to nourish, stabilize and calm the body and mind — essentially, the whole inner being.

Red maca has a higher level of bioactives than yellow and black maca. Add this to drinks and edibles to 'soothe your mood' after a hectic day.

Red Maca is very uncommon making up only about 15% of the total maca production. The Shasta's maca originates from Peru the maca capital of the world!

30 servings

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What's In Red Maca Extract?

The Shasta only uses the highest quality organic ingredients, naturally grown, and absolutely no filler ingredients. Just the finest Red Maca. Our maca extract is 5x's more potent than regular maca powder.

How Do I Use Red Maca Extract Powder?

We made using our powders quick and easy to use. Just mix with your favorite beverage in the morning or afternoon and you're done. Our extracts are water-soluble, virtually tasteless, and won't change the taste of your beverage.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If taking medication please consult a physician before taking any vitamin or herbal supplements.