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Blue Notes - butterfly pea, rose, and chrysanthemum

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Your daily answer to weight-loss support and healthy skin and hair. An antioxidant powerhouse that tastes like the summertime.*


For physical and mental well-being, we incorporate our caffeine-free BLUE NOTES into our daily routine.

When steeped in hot water, the sapphire-tinted flower petals release a beautiful blue hue into your tea. 

What's in Blue Notes?

The Shasta prides itself on no filler ingredients for their powders and Blue Notes Tea is no exception. Nothing but wild-grown butterfly pea flower, virgin rosebuds, and chrysanthemum.

Are there any benefits to drinking herbal tea?

Absolutely! most herbal teas are just that. Wonderful teas minus the caffeine. Bluenotes is an herbal tea with a ton of adaptogenic benefits. Butterfly pea flower has antioxidants just like blueberries (without the sugar), chrysanthemum is known for its calming and relaxing effect, and rose has been used throughout history as a beauty aid for skin and hair.

How much tea can one bag make?

Depending on how strong you like your tea a bag, on average, can make 4-5 gallons of tea