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Magical Matcha Powder

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Ceremonial grade, small batch goodness. That's what makes this matcha so magical.


Shasta doesn’t sell anything we don’t use ourselves on the daily. After sampling over 200 Japanese-sourced ceremonial matchas (did you even know there were that many?!) we chose what we feel is the world's best organic ceremonial grade matcha.

MAGICAL MATCHA is sourced from Japan and in small batches for quality control. Make the perfect matcha beverage whether you prepare it traditionally, as a latte, or, opt to cook with our matcha.

What makes Magical Matcha so magical?

It starts with exceptional tea leaves. Our leaves are single-sourced from a family-owned tea farm in the heart of Japan. the same family has owned the farm for over 400 years and specialize in small-batch made to order matcha

This makes the farm unpopular for mass producers and distributors of high volume matcha sales. But guess what this is right up The Shasta alley. We know there are many great ceremonial matchas out there the problem is the declining freshness of the matcha over time as they sit in a warehouse waiting to be sold or used.

Due to this we can only get 100 packs of fresh matcha per order. Just the way we like it.

We put our matcha up against any high-grade ceremonial matcha don't take our word for it try it for yourself.

Don't throw away the reusable jar!

Our magical matcha jar is a limited product. Made of sustainable bamboo and bpa free food grade glass inside we encourage saving the jar and purchasing magical matcha refills for $5 less!